Town and Country Humane Society Critters

Town and Country Humane Society has amazing critters available for adoption. Our most common critters looking for homes are bunnies, guinea pigs, and rats; but we also have mice, hamsters, ferrets, chinchillas and more!

Our Services:

  • Best Care Practices – We demonstrate best practices in caring for critters by providing them adequate space (which might be more than you think!), socialization, species-appropriate diet and enrichment. All rabbits are spayed and neutered.
  • Guinea Pig Bonding – Does your guinea pig need a friend? We offer bonding sessions with our adoptable guinea pigs to help you find the perfect match for your guinea pig.
  • Bunny Dating – Bunny Dating is a great way to see if two bunnies have a potential bond. We will introduce your bunny to one of our adoptable bunnies to see if they make a connection. We offer support to help you throughout the entire bonding process.
  • Pet Counseling – We are happy to counsel adopters on how to best accommodate their new critter family members. We remain a resource for counseling for the life of the critter.

We are looking for critter fosters. Fostering is especially important with our small critters to work on socialization and keep watch for potential health issues. When you choose to foster, we provide the food, habitat, and medical care; you provide the love and attention!

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