Feylan is a Maine Coon who lives in our office building as a permanent sanctuary cat. Feylan is loved instantly by volunteers and visitors who come in to the office. He is most often found sitting in his cat tree judging and people watching. Feylan has witnessed hundreds of adoptions and met hundreds of friends (cat, dog and human) over the years. He was originally surrendered to us in 2009 and we thought he’d become adoptable just like all the cats in our care. However, Feylan made it clear he was not going to be adopted and that was by his own choice! We found the most wonderful families and Feylan was always returned to us – three different times. He just did not like the emotional distress of being away from the shelter and was not at all the loveable cat he was with us. In 2013, a visitor, unhappy that Feylan could not be adopted, snuck him off the premises under their coat. Once again, Feylan found his way back to his home, spent the night on our doorstep and was back to managing volunteers at the the Town and Country office. Feylan enjoys the juice from wet food, spying on new cats and making the office an overall better place to work.

Please consider sponsoring Feylan, Town and Country will always provide him with the medical care, food, toys and love he needs for the rest of his days. Feylan turned 13 this last March 2021.

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