Carrie Ann
  • Staffordshire Terrier/Lab Mix
  • 5 1/2 year old female

Carrie AnnI had no idea what I was getting myself into when I came to Town and Country. I knew I wanted a dog. I had planned on that for a long time. I finally had a house, a yard, a fence. All I needed was for me to be ready. I would have taken any dog, rescued him and brought him. So when I entered the doghouse and saw all those faces I still could not decide. I looked at Duke. I looked at Jack #1, Jack #2 and so on. I looked at all the dogs and wanted them all, but what really mattered in helping me decide was what dog wanted me. After walking around repeatedly, petting Jessie and looking at Roger, I simply took a step back and tried to watch the dogs watch me. That is when I saw Carrie Ann, who was sitting quietly watching me. Carrie Ann watched me not as a desperate and frenzied pound puppy; but as a friend, knowing and enduring. Knowing that she was going home with me. Carrie Ann picked me, I did not pick her. Since Carrie has been home with me, I have a new best friend. We go on walks every day since walks are her favorite thing. We have been camping and hiking. We have done just about everything and the whole time Carrie Ann has been a friend, knowing and enduring. She knows not to tear apart my house or to run away (even when camping in the middle of nowhere!). She sits on her homemade pillow, wagging her tail and waiting to be pet. Carrie Ann is happy here and so am I. Thank You Town and Country for helping Carrie Ann and I find each other!