• Shar Pei/Lab Mix
  • 1 1/2 year old female

Chloe is the cute brown Shar Pei mix who was previously named Jenny. DJ and Chloe are very good pals these days. Chloe has turned out to be the very best pal I could have ever gotten for my 9 yr old DJ. She has brought out the puppy in him, as they play like kids all the time. After just a couple days kenneling her when I went to work, she seemed like she knew what the rules were. So after that she has had the run of the house with DJ and so far, no problems. She loves her new back yard and when I’m home the doggie door is constantly flapping because she loves to go in and out-doesn’t want to miss out on anything inside or out! She is a wonderful little girl who has stolen my heart. DJ and I are both thankful she has come into our lives.