• Border Collie/Chow Mix
  • 2 year old male

ZorroHi, my name is Zorro, I am the handsome blonde, and that is my little buddy, Bob, lying next to me on the bed and my other bud, Vito on the floor. It has been 6 months since a couple of the nice trainers at Town and Country Humane Society decided they were going to find me a home. They put that heart wrenching sign around my neck (“All I want for Christmas is a home”)and said a lot of prayers to get the Big Man upstairs help and took me to Petsmart to snag a soft heart. Well sure enough one walked in, I put on my best smile and before you know it I was adopted. You see I had been in a kennel at two different humane societies for 18 months. I was a little hard to get to know and barked at everyone who came in my new abode. I really liked my new playmates though and the big backyard with a fence that I could run in as much and as often as I like. I was not even sure of going inside the house at first. My new mom had to coax me in. I was sure that it was a dream, so for 3 days I stayed awake and would stand to keep from falling asleep until exhaustion won. I woke up and sure enough I was still in the new moms home, which is now my home. At first I would not let her even pet my head for very long, but each week I have learned trust and now I roll over on my back for belly rubs. I love my mom and my human sister, Megan, who calls me ZoZo. She is really cool. I give high 10s (2 paws) when someone comes home and let them take me for walks. I never forget to let my mom know how much I love her, I follow her everywhere. I have 3 playmates, Rowdie, Bob, and Vito. We have the best time playing. I have even learned to play with humans and can fetch a ball, but love to play tug of war. Wow, I sure did miss a lot in my first 3.5 years, but mom has promised me that I can stay with her forever. She must really love me, she tells me so, but she got a special license so she could have 4 dogs. I have come a long way in 6 months and now everyone who sees me wants me, but my mom says no way. So if you are looking for a friend, trust those trainers, they know what they are doing and do not fret if he/she does not warm up immediately, it took me some time. You may not know why they are homeless, but you do know where they are going. A great home can change everything. Hey look at me I really hit the mark-from homelessness to happiness.