Dog Walking Rewards Program

Town and Country Humane Society and Thrivent have partnered to bring a wellness activity together to encourage people to walk with not only a benefit for themselves but exercise walk for the Adoptable dogs waiting for their forever homes.

Healthy Walkers/Happy Dogs Wellness Program thanks you for walking the Town and Country shelter dogs by offering incentives and prizes! A win-win! Thrivent sponsors T-shirts, notebooks to keep track of miles walked and resources for other gifts as thanks to our dog walkers in the program.

A couple of things you have to agree to:

  1. Love Dogs and enjoy walking them as they sniff, smell, do their business, and explore the grounds!
  2. Attend a ‘training and education’ session with the Dog Manager at 9:30 on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday morning to start the program.
  3. Sign a waiver about liability. Participants must be 18 or older. Read and Sign the Risk Assessment and hand in at training.
  4. Agree to walk at least two days during the week including weekends for the summer and hopefully beyond!!
  5. Agree to keep track of number of miles you walk each time and record them to receive gifts
  6. And share your experiences with the staff to publish on Town and Country Websites.

Important Documents

Please fill out the appropriate applications and return them to our office.