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Town and Country Humane Society is a non-profit, no time limit shelter serving eastern Nebraska and beyond.
We are dedicated to providing a safe and caring living facility for pets in need until a loving home can be found, as well as helpful information for those wishing to re-home or adopt an animal.

Part of the No-Kill Community for Cats and Dogs in America’s Shelters

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Feedback from Our Adopters

“I cannot thank you enough for helping me find the perfect guinea pig friends for my guinea pig. The Omaha area is so lucky to have such an amazing resource for critters!”

“I have been recommending you to everyone since we started this process because of how thorough and compassionate you are. I’m a lifelong supporter of your program and shelter!”

“Thank you for the amazing support and information! As a first-time rabbit owner, your ongoing help is so valuable. Your fosters are also amazing! The critters are truly loved and cared for at Town and Country Humane Society.”

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Rehoming Assistance

Having to rehome a pet is always a hard decision. We offer several services to help owners keep their pets in their home.

Please call 402-339-5355 or email tchsPapillion@gmail.com, if we can help keep your pet in your home. If you are a pet owners who is requesting to surrender your pet to our shelter, you must submit a request and wait to be contacted by a shelter representative.

Our shelter often has a waiting list, as we try to assist as many animals as possible. We strive to provide pets with the best forever homes and recommend you use, safe rehoming services such as adopt-a-pet.com if we are unable to assist you.

We’d much rather help you guys stay together. We know that having a pet isn’t always easy, but did you know that there are many resources out there that can help? We’ve collected some of them below, grouped by the type of help they provide.

Current Pets Being Rehomed By Owner

Upcoming Events

📆 October Chip and Clip Clinic, Oct 7th – 2 to 4 pm, Town and Country Humane Society

📆 November Chip and Clip Clinic, November 4th – 2 to 4 pm, Town and Country Humane Society

📆 December Chip and Clip Clinic, December 2nd – 2 to 4 pm, Town and Country Humane Society

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