Volunteer: Interested in becoming a Foster?

Volunteers and Fosters save lives! Thank you for your interest!

Fostering is a very rewarding experience for both the animal and foster family. We are always looking for foster homes for our critters, dogs, and cats who have medical needs or may do better in a non-shelter environment before being adopted. Before applying to be a foster, please read the following requirements:
  • provide proper food, housing and daily care for the animal(s) until such time as they are able to return to TCHS for adoption, and to return said animal(s) promptly when requested to do so, for any reason.
  • obtain approval prior to any treatment for fees that will be billed to TCHS. In the case of an emergency, you will attempt to contact TCHS as soon as possible.
  • won’t allow any foster animal to leave your premises without the express permission from TCHS.
  • will not hold TCHS responsible for any damages the foster animal may cause to people or property including any and all liability claims arising out of or connected in any way to your participation in the Foster Care Program.
  • will support and abide by TCHS’s adoption procedures, and refers interested adopters to TCHS to fulfill adoption requirements.

Volunteer: Shelter Staff

If you are volunteering to fulfil court ordered community service requirements, please DO NOT fill out an application. Please call the office directly to get scheduled – 402-339-5355


Who can volunteer at the shelter?

Only Volunteers aged 18 and over are accepted. Volunteers an assume rewarding roles such as office worker, project work, offsite helper for events and dog counselor. We are currently in need of volunteers who can commit to volunteering on-site, a minimum of 8 hours per week. If you have a specific skill set that may allow for off-site volunteering please email us at email@townandcountryhumanesociety.org


What kind of tasks do volunteers provide?
•  Feed and water animals
•  Cat and Dog waste removal
•  General cleaning, sweeping, mopping, etc
•  Kennel cleaning and maintenance
•  Kennel laundry and dishes
•  Organize and store donations
•  Gardening and property maintenance


Available Positions
•  Office volunteer (answer phones, customer service, database entry)
•  Finance and donor relations (database entry, thank you correspondence)
•  Fund Raising (attend & support events, approach businesses for support)
•  Off-site event helper (set up, break down, answer visitor questions)
•  Cat kennel attendant
•  Dog kennel attendant
•  Dog or Cat Adoption Counselor (match potential adopters with the perfect companion)
•  Dog handling, walking and training

There is always work to be done at the shelter and we rely solely on volunteers!

Restrictions for our Volunteers

Town and Country Humane Society is a private, non-profit, all-volunteer organization. We accept a limited number of new volunteers when we are open due to our decrease in training staff during the pandemic. If an organization has sent you to earn volunteer or community service hours we can accommodate by offering credit for chore based tasks.

Important Documents

Please fill out the appropriate applications and return them to our office.